Route 33 Rhythm and Brews
For the Idiots

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    No one is allowed on stage before, during, or after the show. That means no one.  It is not a short cut to climb over the stage monitors, micstands, mics, and cords. Use the aisles between tables please.  Cutting across our stage, however, is a quick way to be removed from the show and a fast way to the parking lot.

    On sold out, shows that means all seats have been sold and there will be a person in each seat. If you have a group of tickets, let's say 4, and you are the last person to show up, you are assured your 4 seats are available. They may not be together but somewhere throughout the club. This is just the nature of a fixed number of seats and happens regularly at all seated clubs. This should be covered under the Common Sense Clause but that seems to be evaporating rapidly in today's world. You might be upset you can't sit together but keep in mind you got in to see the show. Other people were not afforded that luxury; all seats were sold and they were turned away. At least you can see the show.


(I know this is beyond stupid to  have to put this in print, but guess what? We had the need, so here it is).