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Janelle & The Gentlemen

Friday, September 30, 2016

9 P.M. Showtime

$10 Advance

$15 Day of Show


Janelle & The Gentlemen were formed in Nashville, TN in early 2014.  They play rock-n-roll with a heavy Blues influence.  Their music isn't crafted by a business model or written in a room that resembles a cubicle, it comes from the life experiences of singer/songwriter Janelle Faiman.  The combination of her tempestuous lyrical content, the noticeably fervent quality that emerges from both her voice and her statuesque 6-foot presence onstage, and The Gentlemen's equally fiery need to express themselves through their music, makes any room feel too small.

Front woman, Janelle Faiman, originally from rural Minnesota, moved to Nashville after college and immersed herself in the singer/songwriter scene.  Never feeling quite fulfilled in those circles, she yearned for the unity, collaboration, and creativity that comes from the dynamic of a group.  Using her presence, lyrics, and voice as her medium, she is now backed by The Gentlemen's powerful sound.

In 2014, The Gentlemen were assembled.  Janelle & The Gentlemen play with a dirty, devoted quality that is both magnetic and gritty.


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Saturday, October 8, 2016

9 P.M. Showtime

$10 Advance

$15 Day of Show


Born in 2005, Soraia epitomizes raw power, unrelenting energy, chaos, and freedom. ZouZou Mansour and Travis Smith are the core of this group -- their songwriting rooted in early garage rock with strong dynamics and melody -- and their live show  frenetic and intensely interactive.  ZouZou has been referred to as "a true mix of Iggy Pop and Joan Jett" onstage.They have toured constantly throughout the US, playing the dingiest corner dive bar, to the most massive amphitheaters in their ten-year career, even opening Milwaukee's Summerfest in 2009. Their career includes venue highlights playing their hometown stadium, Wells Fargo Center as supporting act, as well as opening  for national bands at The Rave in Milwaukee as far back as 2006. Their ever-blossoming writing career includes four studio albums, one live cd, one EP, and countless singles. They are currently in the process of recording their second EP set for release in summer 2015.Their last record garnered their first #1 song with their attitude-laden, punk cover of The Kinks' "(I'm Not) Like Everybody Else" on rock radio in South America (Radio Doble Nueve in Peru) after spending 10 weeks in the Top 40 there. In addition,  Little Steven Van Zandt's SiriusXM Radio Station "The Underground Garage" Channel 21 chose their previous record's single ("Love Like Voodoo") as the #2 "Coolest Song of 2013", and their cover of The Kinks' "(I'm Not) Like Everybody Else" from their latest record "Soraia Lives!" as the #5 "Coolest Song of 2014" (according to their listeners' poll). In addition, both rock n' roll legends and deejays Bill Kelly, Genya Ravan, Kid Leo, and Michael Des Barres chose Soraia's single "(I'm Not) Like Everybody Else" among their favorite "Top Ten Coolest Songs of 2014".

Above all this, Soraia's ferociously energetic, intoxicating live shows are their trademark calling card, showcasing a will to defy and survive. True rebels of rock 'n' roll, Soraia has overcome hundreds of obstacles other less fortuitous bands would never survive thanks to their unwavering love of music and all that it encompasses.
Whether in a hot, sweaty rock club or huge amphitheatre, Soraia's charisma and spirit transcend the concert stage and reach all those who witness the band live. Rarely will you see a band with as much magic and soul as Soraia, and never will you hear a journey so full of hope and heart as this band's story. Their every breath is a testament that miracles really do exist, and that the underdog really can win the whole world.


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Mark Stuart

Solo Acoustic


Friday, October 14, 2016

9 P.M. Showtime

$5.00 Advance

$10 Day of Show


Mark Stuart is an American singer/songwriter and half of the duo Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart.   

One of our favorite solo acoustic shows!  It's like sitting around the campfire listening to Mark tell road stories and his inspirations for writing the song he is about to perform.  Great dynamics in an intimate setting.  If you like low-keyed....this is the show for you!





Jennifer Westwood

& the Handsome Devils


Friday, October 21, 2016

9 P.M. Showtime

$10 Advance

$15 Day of Show


Jennifer Westwood cut her teeth on Detroit Gospel before hitting the gritty Detroit bars that set her career in motion. She has been a Detroit Music Award winner and nominee in several categories, and has contributed music to multiple Emmy Award winning commercials and documentaries, as well as film.

She first found confidence to consider music as a career by the encouragement of a church acquaintance, a professor of music who had previously served as ensemble choir director for the late Bishop C.L. Franklin, father of Aretha. Performing in church lead to her first work in the outside world, singing backup locally for Motown artist Carl Carlton (Bad Mama Jama). Studio work for various local artists followed, first in R & B and soul genres, followed by roots and blues. Those experiences gave her insight on the direction she wanted to embark on for her own music before leaping out on her own. It also opened doors for commercial work due to her vocal flexibility and enthusiasm. The same enthusiasm has driven each performance --- whether it has been 7 ppl, on up to 70,000. Sharing the bill with rock icon Patti Smith at the world’s largest Masonic Temple have marked a highlight of her performance career.

Jennifer has fully embraced the character and spirit of Detroit; and considers her greatest accomplishment to be creating a career in music during some of the most troubling economic times for her hometown. 

There are no musical limitations with Jennifer Westwood and the Handsome Devils. The skill set and accomplishments that each member has earned helps them create a format where no style is out of bounds. Somehow, it all sounds familiar, but unique all the same. Truly a melting pot of musical ability and knowledge, the band makes a statement with each note and the sky is the limit. 


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American Dog


Saturday, October 22, 2016

9 P.M. Showtime

$10 Advance

$15 Day of Show